Saturday, 9 July 2011

Winter blues

Due to the terrible winter we're having here, I haven't set foot on a beach for at least 2 months, for me that is almost an alien reality. Obviously the chilly mornings are enough to keep any photographer warm and safe in their own beds in the wee hours of the morning ,but if it's not howling winds and complete blue skies, it's howling winds and complete grey skies!
I'm itching to get back onto the sand but at the moment I'm very unmotivated and lacking any form of inspiration. The good news is, Spring isn't too far off and even with a 2 legged tripod you can be sure I'll be out with bells on :)

The upside I guess is I still have a large backlog of photos to share during the miserable months of winter. This photo was taken 1-2 years ago at Kiama one afternoon before a storm. The sky exploded very quickly with some deep red and orange only lasting a very short time. The red hot cloud grabbed my attention as it cast an eerie soft glow over the scene. In less than a minute it was over.

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