Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tsunami Sunrise

This is an older shot taken with the D80 near Cathedral Rocks, Kiama, Australia.
On this particular morning I left home earlier than usual so when I got to this location it was still pitch black. Shortly after arriving I received a call from my wife "Come home there is a tsunami warning for New Zealand and the east coast of Australia!"

I very briefly checked the conditions around me (don't ask me how you look for a tsunami in the dark, but I'm irish, so yes I did attempt to squint through the blackness searching for a giant wave on the horizon)
"Nah it seems fine here, I'll risk it and stay"
she replied with "You idiot!" and hung up assuring me she'd ring back.

Then the paranoia kicked in. You can see in this picture there is a long dark cloud band on the horizon. In total darkness that cloud was the only thing I could see and I convinced myself that it was a tidal wave slowly moving towards the coast ( I swear it was getting closer!) adding in the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks all around me, it would be safe to say I was pretty freaked out!
Why did I stay and not hightail it? The chance of getting a shot of a Tsunami, that's why! (My wife is right, I am an idiot)
As the sun got out of bed and crept over the horizon my fears faded and I concentrated on taking home some visual memories from that morning, the morning the Tsunami never came..

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